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Reconfiguring Your Cubicles Can Increase Your Profitability

Posted by Gary Longbotham on Mon, Feb 27, 2012 @ 12:58 PM

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So you invested in a cubicle system for your new office. Now its time to make that investment pay off. Cubicle reconfiguration should be a money maker for your it?

One of the basic economic principles of using modular, or cubicle furniture systems is to allow your company to adapt quickly, easily and economically to needed organizational changes. As management styles change and organizational processes evolve, your company needs to be able to adapt in its physical configuration. There are ever increasing demands on your organization that necessitate your need to reconfigure your work environment.

Among the demands that are driving these needs are:

1. Unanticipated or unpredictable growth or, in some cases, contraction of workforce.

2. Competitive demands driven by rapidly changing technology such as computers, wireless technology, video conferencing, voice-over IP and taking the entire office digital.

3. Rising costs of lease space driving the introduction of new products to provide personal work areas with smaller footprints while improving functionality, comfort and aesthetics of individual workspace. Drive more efficiency, productivity and profitability.

4. The need to restructure the workforce into teams which address client needs, enable improved communications, better collaboration.....more profitability

With proper planning and strategic selection of the correct mix of components, companies using modular systems are positioned to make the necessary organizational changes to meet competitive demands or simply improve employee performance driving more profitability. Unfortunately, many firms make the initial investment or sometimes are not properly advised in the optimum mix of product and do not or cannot take advantage of cubicle reconfigurations which can aid the company in maintaining maximum efficient performance.

Use professionals and get good advise on what products to use, design the space properly and take appropriate opportunities to reconfigure your cubicles to improve your company’s performance. Every time you reconfigure and improve organizational efficiencies your recover the initial investment made in your modular system, but more importantly you drive more profitability for your company.

In talking to companies who have not yet embraced the use of modular furniture systems or firms who purchase systems with the idea that they do not need to invest in built-in features that have future applications, we often hear the statement, “we put people in and never really change things.”

On further investigation and professional observation of their operations we ask the question, “Did it occur to you that you do not change...because you cannot change with your existing workplace design.” Many companies continue in inadequate and inefficient work environments because it is simply too costly to change.

With good advise and proper selection cubicle reconfigurations can place you ahead of the pack. Be sure to ask your designer and dealer for a projection on return on your investment and a projected breakeven on your initial purchase. You may be surprised to see that in a very short period of time, you can not only recover your entire investment, but at some point it becomes a revenue generator for you.

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