Office Chairs Are An Important Decision

The office chairs you select for your organization can impact productivity, employee health, company image and can significantly reduce maintenance and replacement costs in the future. In the realm of office chairs, there is no “one right solution”. Our experienced staff will help you weigh your options, and select the correct seating solution for your specific situation.

Most workers sit in their office chair between six to ten hours per day. An office chair that is comfortable and correctly suited to a worker’s task can help to maximize that worker’s performance during their working hours. An uncomfortable or ill-suited chair can cause restlessness and frequent breaks, robbing you of maximized performance.

A correctly selected office chair scheme can also promote general health for employees. Employees with back, circulation, or carpal tunnel issues can experience significant benefits from modern ergonomic office chairs. Taking these issues into account when selecting your seating can save you in the future from costly absenteeism, or potential lawsuits.

The chairs in your office say something about your company to your employees and visitors alike. The seating experience of your employees helps shape how the employee perceives his or her value to the company and overall employment satisfaction. In the same way, a customer that is visiting your office may make assumptions about your company based on the comfort/style of the conference room chairs. We will help to select the office chairs that deliver the right message about your company.

Office chairs are an investment, and like most investments, the old saying holds true; you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get a suitable chair, but you also can’t afford to buy chairs that fall apart in a year. We have numerous, quality options at almost every price point. This flexibility allows us to offer a full range of office seating solutions that meet your functional requirements and your budget.

By taking a look at the tasks your employees perform, relevant health concerns, company image, and your overall budget, our experienced team can guide you though the office chair selection process. We have over 300 sample chairs in our showroom. We welcome you to come out and take a seat.

Schedule a showroom tour and take our chairs for a test drive.


Task Seating

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Task chairs refer to seating that is designed for labor-intensive job classifications or for employees who sit for long periods of time in a cubicle or desk or other work area. They need to allow for easy adjustability to support good posture, and help avoid fatigue and injury from performing extended periods of seated tasks or repetitive movements in such functions as use of keyboards and a computer mouse. Understanding the functionality and value of a good task chair requires a knowledgeable professional to demonstrate and guide you through endless choices and, in many cases, bad information from others who are simply trying to sell you a chair. Find out from our consultants how proper task seating can improve the profitability of your company.

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Executive Seating


Executive chairs are generally intended for use in management offices and less labor-intensive work areas. Although every person in your organization probably uses a computer, managers usually spend less time on their computer and more time reading reports, marketing plans and other documentation with a greater amount of time meeting with others in their offices or work areas. Executive chairs usually have less adjustability, but are better suited to provide comfort for meetings, phone conversation and reading. Many times the organization also wants to present a certain public image or differentiate status within the organization. We offer endless choices of seating styles, functional options and price points to fit your needs.

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Conference Seating

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Conference chairs, although similar to executive seating, carry their own set of design features, and generally do not need all the adjustability of a task or even an executive chair. There are different types of conference chairs for different types of conference areas such as a board room that requires a high degree of public image, a working conference room where you need to accommodate diverse users or simply a small conference area in a manager’s office. There are chairs built for heavy, extended daily use, others for image or you may simply want a comfortable chair with no bells or whistles for internal employee meetings. We offer hundreds of choices, and can assist you in the selection that best fits your needs.

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Training/Multipurpose Seating

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Training rooms and multipurpose rooms have become a major focus in most organizations. Whether for internal use only or use by outside groups and customers, these rooms need to adapt for multiple purposes. One moment they are set up for a large group meeting that requires a short term setup with rows of chairs, then an hour later it is arranged for attendees of a seminar or people in training for hours or days at a time. Stacking chairs for quick and easy storage or setup, flex-back chairs for more comfort in extended use, upholstered, molded shell or mesh designs are but a few of the choices. Our team can consult and recommend the appropriate chair options that work best for you.

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Lounge Seating

Lounge Seating Dealer In Houston

Lounge seating can be more than simple guest seating in a reception room. Also referred to as soft seating, lounge seating is designed for comfort in public areas, teaming areas and executive areas. We offer a broad range of specialized seating options for reception seating areas, corporate teaming areas, public areas in healthcare facilities, and student areas in higher education facilities. Tablet arm lounge chairs, fixed seating, mobile seating, modular lounge seating and even outdoor lounge seating are all available options.

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Stools in Houston

There has always been a need for stools to be used in drafting areas or workbenches. With the evolution of collaborative work areas and more standing height huddle areas in companies, however, there has been a growing demand for more functional and appropriate seating to accommodate these needs. We offer stools with full task adjustability and high aesthetics for corporate collaboration areas or stools using materials that are bacterially and chemically resistant for healthcare, clinical and research environments.

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Public Seating

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Public seating may be used to support a desired image or it may be purely functional in purpose. In any case, usually the public seating or reception room seating is the first impression of the image and culture of your organization. Whether you are looking for comfort, image, style or all the above, we can guide you through the choices offering a multitude of solutions.

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Healthcare Seating

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As an authorized dealer for many manufacturers producing the industry’s leading healthcare seating products, you can count on professional guidance from our healthcare specialists in selecting the right seating for your hospital or clinical environments. We offer seating for patient rooms, laboratories, public areas including bariatric seating and public seating receiving aggressive use 24 hours a day 7 days a week such as emergency rooms. From antimicrobial and chemical resistant materials to convertable seating on which visitors may sleep while visiting a loved one, we provide solutions of the highest quality.

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