Moveable Walls Maximize Your Investment

Moveable or relocatable architectural wall systems are floor-to-ceiling pre-manufactured walls that replace or augment the use of conventional drywall construction. There are options ranging from simple painted metal surface wall panels to beautifully designed glass, wood, fabric and custom wall panels.

The first question asked is always, “How does it compare to drywall in cost?”

The answer is very favorably in the short term, and long term, it has the potential to pay for itself many times over. In a matter of a few years, it can become an element that enables you to drive more bottom line profitability for your company.

Factors that support a positive return on investment for architectural walls:

  • With escalating use of glass, dry marker, veneer, and fabric, drywall movable walls have become competitive in cost.
  • Architectural wall systems are less expensive to install as only one trade is required.
  • They are pre-manufactured with all finishes, power and base raceways included, so there is no need for on-site painters, wall paperers, electricians and other trades to finish the walls.
  • There are no disposal costs when you reconfigure since there is no demolition. The walls are simply relocated and reinstalled.
  • The ceiling grid, lighting grid and air conditioning system requirements are simplified and less costly since there is one continuous grid for the entire lease space. 
  • Architectural walls are considered furniture not real estate or part of the building; therefore there are significant tax advantages including accelerated depreciation and tax incentives. Standard depreciation on architectural walls is 7 years whereas a building is 39 years.
  • Reconfiguring and adapting offices is much faster, many times done over a weekend versus weeks and possibly months for drywall. This significantly minimizes disruption to personnel and operations pushing more profitability to the organization.
  • Our architectural walls have the added option to hang modular furniture components directly off the walls with no additional reinforcing or unsightly hardware. This is a real benefit for companies that already have an inventory of cubicle components and would like to reuse them in a private office setting.

Architectural wall systems carry significant benefits when compared to traditional drywall construction. Schedule a showroom tour to see these walls in action.