Our office furniture solutions make you more profitable.

The entire J.Tyler team shares the belief that our responsibility is to guide you through the process of creating the most effective work environment to fit your organizational culture. That is why you will not see our team members bring literature or show you furniture without having had at least one if not sometimes several meetings to learn about your company, culture and vision for the future.

Office furniture is a tool; just like any other piece of office equipment. Its purpose is to facilitate employees to perform tasks in the most efficient manner possible and create an environment that fits the wants, needs and goals of management.

Our goal is to help you select furniture solutions that elevate your corporate image so you can attract and retain talented personnel that increase productivity allowing you to dominate your competition, and that maximize durability so that your investment is not only the right solution today, but in the future as well. We take the time to learn what drives your company, and then formulate the best possible office furniture solutions based on what’s important to you.