Furniture Specification

Furniture specification begins with an extensive evaluation to determine the specific functional requirements of each employee. Needs such as type and amount of storage, technology support, amount of privacy and other necessities will be outlined to determine what products and options will best serve each user’s needs.

Once this survey is complete, J.Tyler’s certified designers will assist you and your architectural design firm consultants in the detailed specification of furniture options, finishes, and fabrics for your cubicles, private offices, training rooms and all other work areas. We provide state-of-the-art office layout drawings with 3D views that enable you to envision your completed office before you make the investment.

Project Management

Our project management team members are the caretakers for your office furniture project. They meticulously handle every element of a project to ensure that it is executed flawlessly.

In the office, our project management team inspects every component to ensure that it is correct before it is ordered from the manufacturer. They also monitor and track the progress of each element of a project to make sure that the project is adhering to the timeline.

In the field, our project management team will attend construction meetings to stay up to date and make necessary adjustments, coordinate with building security for installation schedules and handle insurance requirements with your landlord.


The furniture selected for your work environment is only as good as the office furniture installation team that puts all the pieces in place. Proper scheduling, handling, and assembling will complete your office and allow you to get to work.

Scheduling furniture operations is paramount to the success of the project. Coordinating with the client, electrician, and building management will enable a smooth install. Proper project scheduling allows us finish on time and within budget.

Each type of furniture requires different criteria to be moved and assembled without damage. Our professional office furniture installers have been factory trained and can handle a wide array of furniture product; which allows them to efficiently install an entire floor of assorted furnishing without costly damages occurring in the process. Our award winning installation team will complete your project as professionally as it began

Ergonomic Training

Ergonomics in the workplace has become a central focus of most successful enterprises. Designing and implementing a work environment that effectively supports healthy human/technology interaction requires the proper tools and extensive ongoing knowledge.

Healthy work environments emerge from well designed workspaces that integrate proper ergonomic tools. The result is a comfortable, efficient, and safe working condition. This allows employees to execute their tasks at top performance levels.

Because of the importance of ergonomic is the workplace, we provide free ergonomic evaluations and coaching for our client’s employees. After our team trains your staff in proper task habits and use of ergonomic tools, your employees will reach a whole new level of comfort and productivity.


One of the basic economic principles of using cubicle furniture systems is to allow your company to adapt quickly, easily and economically to needed organizational changes. As management styles change and organizational processes evolve, your company needs to be able to adapt its physical configuration.

Every time you reconfigure and improve organizational efficiencies, you recover the initial investment made in your modular system. More importantly, this flexibility helps drive the profitability of your company.

Our licensed designers, seasoned project managers and award winning installation service team, will guide you in efficiently adjusting to your modular system.