Selecting the Right Table is Important

Selecting a conference table, training tables, or other office tables used to be an easy decision. Today’s technology and training driven business environment has added important options and accessories that should be considered when outfitting a conference or training room.

Tables come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and styles to meet the applications of the modern work environment. Each type of table is accompanied by a wide array of functional accessories that integrate into the tables.

Office tables are now vessels for a multitude of technology needs. There are many variations of shapes, sizes, capabilities and materials that allow you to accommodate a wide range of functional needs. Technology integration enables companies to improve communication and incorporate emerging conferencing and training trends.

Selecting the correct table products to fit your company’s specific work needs will enable you to maximize your investment. Properly selected tables will allow for more efficient and more profitable work spaces. Allow us to assist you in selecting the proper tables for your needs. Schedule a showroom tour and discover the options that best fit your need.


Conference Tables

Conference Tablese in Houston

Conference tables have now become a means of incorporating technology into the conference room. With the extensive use of computers, audio/video presentations, video conferencing and smart boards, conference tables must be able to accommodate voice/data/electrical in varying configurations. We offer a broad range of conference table styles, shapes, and material options. 

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Video Conferencing Tables

Video Conference furniture in Houston

Remote virtual meetings, Skype, Go To Meeting, My Meeting Place all are common place in today’s conference environments. Organizations are learning the cost saving advantages and competitive efficiencies of video conferencing. J.Tyler can assist you with not only the appropriate conference table but the technology products such as Smart Boards, audio, flat screens and other electronic components needed to make your conferencing cutting edge.

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Training Tables

Training Tables in Houston

Knowledge and training is a major growth area for companies of every size. With the explosion of technology and intellectual capital in the workplace, the need for responsive and adaptive training table systems has simultaneously evolved. Today's training tables are designed to address the need to rapidly reconfigure multipurpose rooms on a moment’s notice and adapt to a multitude of audience requirements. Allow us to help you sift through the multitude of options and emerge with the perfect solution for your training room needs. 

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Adjustable Height Tables

Adjustable Height Office table in Houston

The creation of healthy work environments through the use of ergonomic furnishings is a high priority for human resource and IT departments. Height adjustable tables are offering companies, such as engineering and seismic firms, an ergonomic solution that allows for more comfort and productivity by working in either a seated or standing position. Quick meetings standing around seismic documents or engineering drawings can easily be transformed by lowering the table to seated height to continue a more lengthy discussion. Come out and take our adjustable height tables for a test drive.

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Breakroom Tables

breakroom tables

Breakroom design and furnishings are becoming increasingly important to organizations as a benefit to employees. There are varying ideas as to the impact and performance requirements. Some companies want bright, colorful contemporary styling while others prefer more subdued and sophisticated designs. Laminate surfaces, soft urethane edges, no-drip edges, retro designs, bistro, round, square, are all but a sampling of the breakroom table options available.

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Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables in Houston

We offer coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables, that are contemporary, or traditional, in materials such as glass, wood, and stone. Occasional tables for the reception room, private office and collaborative area are often overlooked in the furniture selection process. We make sure that you do not overlook this important element when outfitting your facility.

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