Selling Used Furniture / Buying Used Furniture / Disposition of Used Furniture

Whether you are looking to purchase quality used furniture, reupholster, refinish or refurbish your current furniture or in need of selling or otherwise disposing of your existing furnishings J.Tyler’s Repurposing Program team is ready to serve you.

Recycling furnishings by either purchasing pre-owned products or disposing of your used or surplus furnishings in a manner in which they can be repurposed for use by your firm or others avoids waste and is environmentally responsible. It can even gain you credits toward LEED certifications. Of course it may also be profitable if you have quality representation.

Purchasing Pre-Owned furniture can sometimes be a cost effective way to furnish your facilities; however there are also endless tales of companies whose “good deal” turned out to be very costly and disappointing. Finding the right furnishings, especially used cubicles, requires experienced professionals. The right sizes, matching finishes, necessary quantities, providing design to fit it to your facility, services for delivery, assembly and final adjustments and knowing what the quality-to-cost ratio should be to set an appropriate cost are all factors in finding that "good deal." You need to select a full service firm to represent your needs. J.Tyler’s team has been successfully providing these services since 1982.

Refinishing Existing Furniture: In most cases it is more economical to purchase new furniture versus refurbishing your existing furniture. This is generally due to the multitude of furniture options and price points available to you today that you did not have in years past and the cost of labor and materials to refurbish your existing furniture. Refinishing and reupholstering existing furniture can be effective if you are either maintaining a “company standards program” or if you have high quality or classic designs of furnishings and want to protect the investment. This can particularly be applicable to refurbishing used cubicles.

Disposal of Used Furniture: When purchasing all new furniture or reducing your furniture needs, J.Tyler will offer free evaluation of your options for disposition. With our Repurposing Program we can offer options for disposition that bring you the best value which might range from purchase of your used furnishings to representing you in brokering them to prospective buyers to recommending other options that best serve your organization.